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Snow White Panto NODA Review

Darnall Musical Theatre Company

Present their Annual pantomime Snow White 16-18th Feb 2023

Director and Assistant Coreographer Janet Black

Musical Director Beth Black

Producer Jack Taylor

Assistant Director Hannah Blackwell

Choreographer Sara Kitchen

Musical Editor Jack Taylor.

Darnall MTC epitomises the absolute best in genuine community theatre from the youngest to the oldest all involved to achieve the highest standard of entertainment.

Looking through the programme you can’t help but see repeated names taking on the numerous roles required whilst in many cases supporting family members on stage. Within the production team Darnall show total confidence in some of their established members taking on assistant roles and providing them with excellent experience. In this production it was lovely to see both Hannah and Beth so heavily involved.

Darnall have achieved something very special when you consider that their Dame , Jack Taylor ,is really the only older member bringing such a wealth of skill to the society

and like many other societies who also have a shortage of young men. Charlie Betts whose performances get better and better as each season goes by and I was delighted to see young Jackson Timmins who has you two chaps to aspire to.

Pantomime is such a unique skill; I think sometimes it is underestimated what high standards are actually required. You have to sing, dance be prepared to be larger than life, yet portray the highest level of seriousness which then achieves the goals you set out to portray.

Your Director Janet Black assisted by Hannah Blackwell along with Jack Taylor as Producer clearly have so many ideas to keep the production moving at pace, along with many excellent sketches providing the perfect platform for the cast to exploit and this they did to a high level. The singing as solos duets and full ensemble were very well performed and compliments to Beth Black for her vision and skills along with writing two of the numbers herself both performed during Act 2 Snow White and Mirror Mirror so well done . I was very impressed by the clever use of backing and between yourself Beth, along with Jack Taylor as Musical Editor so that all the numbers were well delivered and clearly heard.

The sets were very imaginative , the bubbles and pyrotechnics very cleverly used , the lighting carried out very well adding real effect to the many scenes and the costumes just amazing. All in all so well done to the unsung army of people involved at Darnall, too many to mention but I trust highly recognised and valued as without your commitment there would be no performance.

The whole idea of a Dame in panto is a man in a dress , so in Jack Taylor you have that and more , so many scenes , all different , a change of crazy costumes with some stand out moments with many of the principal cast members and a wonderful example to those around you to aspire to.

Fairy Goodheart played by Maiya Green along with Professor Wonderwings played by Emily Ballin , well done to you both , never easy parts but you both delivered your lines clearly and interacted well together.

Snow White played by Darcey Tanner was very well performed lighting up the stage with your lovely smile , and performing so many and varying stand out scenes . Your interactions with Danny Dumpling played by Natasha Blackwell , Prince Fredrick played by Lucy Green were really good along with the scenes with the dwarfs in the woods and in their house. Natasha and Lucy well done too for your really polished performances , great acting and singing.

Speak True by Imogen Harris again involved in some great scenes showing a real talent with clearly delivered lines well done.

What do we say about Queen Grimelza played by Beth Black , certainly not many youngsters idea of the perfect Mum spending most of the production trying to find ways of getting rid of her daughter Snow White , all for the desire of vanity !!!The baddy of the piece drumming up audience reaction and plenty of boos. A very large part undertaken to the highest standard , some great cameo scenes excellent singing and acting . Having been with Darnall all your acting life you are the perfect example to those younger members who hopefully will one day fill your shoes. Well done.

Your kickstart Black Wing played by Charlie Betts , well done young man , as each year passes you improve , your stage presence grows and grows and I really enjoyed your performance. Some of your crow scenes were hilarious.

Bogwort and Stinkwort played by Ava Quince and Olivia Swords , well done to you both , you fed off each other beautifully with so much fun and frivolity, a truly special team performance , you must both have had so much fun playing this comedy duo.

And now to the seven dwarfs , Mia Hull, Darcey Allen, Lola Hull, Millie Warhurst, Evie Harrison, Millie Simpson and Megan Green . You should all be truly thrilled with your performance , you all had lines all delivered clearly and well, your singing was a joy and general team acting carried out to the highest standard . The scenes in the woods and your house a joy for the audience to watch, well done to you all.

The two guards Poppy Smith and Isela Fairclough , well done, not large parts but still carried out well . There is a well known saying in theatre .. There are no small parts only small actors .so well done to you both .

We mustn’t forget the remaining young ensemble who all lit up the stage with every scene they were in . There was so much to enjoy in this panto, the Mirror scenes , the teddy bears Picnic, the full ensemble numbers ,audience participation and more . I’m sure many members were also involved in the clever UV scene and compliments to Sara Kitchen with so many excellently choreographed scenes.

One thing that really touched me in addition to everything already mentioned , was the total inclusion of the whole backstage group joining with the cast for Always look on the bright side of life , a truly memorable number and a special moment for all the unsung team and not forgetting Dame Dolly Dumplings Dancers number , great fun .

Both Sylvia and I would like to extend our thanks for your hospitality and for an excellent evening of entertainment. We were delighted you have sold out audiences and wish you all well for the remaining shows.

Philip Smith

Noda NE District 6 Reg Rep

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